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Straight Talk About Crooked Teeth By: S. Kent Lauson, DDS, MS, Orthodontist
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A quiet "revolution" has been taking place in the field of orthodontics over the last quarter century. While Dr. Kent Lauson originally treated patients with traditional orthodontic methods during the first years of his practice, he has spent the last 25 years building upon his base of knowledge. He developed new and better ways of solving seemingly complex-but frequently encountered- problems related to the teeth and jaws, and his methods have transformed the lives of many of his patients. Straight Talk about Crooked Teeth presents the Lauson System: Nine keys to lower facial harmony, using advanced dental and medical modalities to create an innovative and holistic approach and making a quantum leap forward from traditional orthodontics. It employs oral orthopedic appliances to correctly size and position the facial structures so teeth can be aligned with ideal harmony. The very happy result is producing "movie star smiles" while avoiding surgery or extraction of permanent teeth.

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