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Molar Rotators

Molar Rotators
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The Nitanium Molar Rotator 2 Appliance provides predictable rotation, torquing and expansion in a pre-programmed appliance. Advances in thermally activated nickel titanium provide the activating forces in this truly unique appliance. After insertion into the maxillary first molar lingual sheaths, the appliance provides a constant force to ensure the desirable end result. The Nitanium Molar Rotator 2 Appliance offers many benefits, including the following:

• Slower expansion has shown to lower incidents of relapse

• Thermally-activated Nitanium® for total control eliminating patient’s compliance

• Ease of placement and removal by the doctor

• Ortholoy arm and loops provide adjustability for fine-tuning and finishing

• No laboratory work is required − available in 10 sizes

• Excellent for mixed dentition and adolescent cases

• Consistent and predictable end results

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