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Wire Bonder Mini-Mold™

Wire Bonder Mini-Mold™
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Save lab costs with Wire Bonder Mini-Molds (3mm, 4.5mm sizes)—the immediate solution for bonding a fixed retainer without taking impressions. Either dead soft retainer wire can be formed to the teeth or NiTi can be used if minor rotations need to be corrected. Labial fixed retainers can also be used between Phase I and Phase 2 treatment. When using NiTi to make minor rotational corrections, a ligature director should be used to hold the wire against the tooth during bonding to give rotational force to the wire.

Simple Bonding Technique: Start by bonding a central first. Fill the cavity of the mold with resin without overfilling, causing flash. The wire slots are identified by little tags on the side of the mold. Hold the retainer wire in place on the tooth to be bonded and place the Mini-Mold over the wire engaging the slot in the mold. The wire slots hold the retainer wire in place during bonding. After bonding the first tooth, securing the retainer wire, repeat the procedure for each tooth to be bonded. Clean up any flash as needed in the interproximal.

Includes 10 molds and tip handle.

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