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DenteShield™ Surface Sealant

DenteShield™ Surface Sealant
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DenteShield™ Enamel Surface Sealant is a light cure, low viscosity, unfilled resin formulated for use as a composite surface sealant proven to reduce bacteria colonization that causes white spot lesions, plaque and tartar. Clinical tests indicate that using DenteShield™ Enamel Surface Sealant with Seldox™ technology eliminates visual signs of demineralization which causes white spot lesions and decay. An enamel surface sealed with DenteShield™ Enamel Surface Sealant is more resistent to wear than an orthodontic primer, and provides longer-term reliability. Available in a 7ml bottle, includes microbrush applicators, mixing wells and instructions for use.

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