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Mckenzie Bite Gauge
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  • $157.50

A Five Star Exclusive!

The McKenzie Bite Gauge is a revolutionary adjustable bite gauge that repositions and opens the bite simultaneously!


  • Neurmuscular Bite
  • Twin Block Bite
  • Rick-A-Nator Bite
  • Sleep Appliance Bite
  • Functional Appliance Bite
  • Incisor Block Bite
  • TMD Bite


All jigs are interchangeable upper and lower. Combining the jigs gives you the ability to open the bite from .5 mm up to 8 mm anteriorly. Our special Rick-A-Nator Jig provides an ideal 1mm overbite and 0.5mm over jet.

You can adjust the anterior and posterior position of the mandible precisely by sliding the slider to the desired mm mark.


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*Each McKenzie Gauge comes with 1 Rick-A-Nator jig, 2 0.5mm jigs, and 1 of each size 1mm-4mm jigs.



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