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Light Bond Compules (44 pack)

Light Bond Compules (44 pack)
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Light Bond is a popular bracket adhesive. Containing fluoride, Light Bond's Light Bond's lightly filled material consistency is tacky, preventing the bracket from floating once you have positioned it in the proper position. Upon curing, Light Bond achieves optimal bond strength and is instantly ready for wire ligation. TOTAL PASTE POLYMERIZATION UNDER ALL BRACKET BASES: Light Bond is comprised of a catalyst and filler that reflects the light to insure complete polymerization under any appliance: metal, ceramic, sapphire or plastic. Once the material has been properly cured, an arch wire can be placed immediately. EASE OF REMOVAL: Light Bond is a small particle glass filled material designed specifically for orthodontic use that allows maximum penetration of filler into the finest screen mesh base and removal without enamel scarring.

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